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About reservation
Your reservation registration process fills in most of the information that will be used to process your reservation during the booking process. We also need you to provide additional financial information, such as: credit card number, maturity period, money orders, wire transfers or account information in order to pay for and complete your reservation. If you encounter problems or difficulties during the booking process, information will be made convenient to you to contact us. Unless you will be accredited through the bank with your credit card information, we will not sell, share, or lease your personal and financial information to unrelated third parties (including companies or individuals). While you are using a credit card, the payment process will be subject under the the powerful protection of the safety system.

About information collection and usage
AA PLUS WORLDWIDE, INC.. Is the sole owner of all information on this website. Without your permission, we will not sell, share, or lease any of your personal information to unrelated third parties (including companies or individuals) . AA PLUS WORLDWIDE, INC.. Collect your personal information through various channels of the site, mainly for the payment orders and to better provide you with relevant information. The information we collect include your legal name, mailing address, account address, telephone number, e-mail and credit card payment information. We respect your information and privacy. We are committed to the with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance in full compliance with internationally recognized protection of personal data privacy (guidelines) ensuring that staff complies with the most stringent security and confidentiality guidelines.

About File Logging
We will use IP addresses to analyze the situation, administer the site, track user movements, and gather a large number of registration information for statistics. Your IP address will not be displayed to your personally identifiable information. We will not publish your IP address or share it with unrelated third parties (including companies or individuals).

About sharing
We comply with all federal and state laws. In the case of mandatory provisions of law or government, we will be legally required to disclose your personal information.

Information about Links
Contained on this site are directories that can be linked to other Web sites. AA PLUS WORLDWIDE, INC. assumes no responsibility for privacy on these sites, we remind users “Note: When you leave this site, please submit other needs on the website of your privacy information read the provided Privacy Policy.” The site's privacy agreement applies only to the collection and processing of information on this website and other sites.