1. aaplusvacation.com accepts which payment methods ?
We accept the following forms of payment: cash, credit cards, wire transfers, Paypal, money order / checks. Credit card payment through the Paypal platform is safe and saves time. Credit card users do not need to have a Paypal account. In addition, any refund will be refunded to the same form as the payment method, bank charges and so on ... The refund process will be subtracted from your refund total.
2. aaplusvacation.com accepts which booking methods ?

We accept online reservations, telephone booking and e-mail reservations.

Online booking - you can visit our website to find your tourist projects, and then click on the order icon.

Telephone booking - You can call our company customer service line to book of tourism products that you want. Talk with the staff of our company.

E-mail booking - You can send an email to aa@aaplusvacation.com to book reservation travel products you would like. We will contact you within 24 hours of receipt of your mail and confirm your order.

3. What is the online booking program ? How long does confirmation of my reservation take ?

(A) If you submit your book and pay by credit card or Paypal online successfully, the system will automatically generate a confirmation letter. This confirmation is your proof of purchase. Then, you will be received a confirmation message in 1-2 business days. In this confirmation email, we will provide all the details of your group, including the time of the group, itinerary, hotel confirmation, airport transfers and other details.

(B) If you are an online superior submitting the reservation choosing to transfer or cash / check to complete the payment, the system automatically generates a booking receipt, but the booking receipt is not a proof of purchase. Please complete payment within 1-2 business days as required by the booking receipt. Your reservation is only completed after the payment is processed. 1-2 business days after you pay successfully, you will receive from us your confirmation email, which will provide the detailed advice of your group, including the time of the group, itinerary, hotel confirmation, airport transfers and other details.

4. Can I change or cancel my reservation ?

For changes or cancellations, please email AA@AAPLUSVACATION.COM and explain your reasons. Changes or cancellation of tickets free package tours 15 days or fewer prior to the tour date, according to the different kinds of tours, will have varying fine charges.

Any tour 7 days in advance cannot be changed or cancelled. No-shows for any reasons, such as: loss of travel documents, tardiness, sickness, accidents plane delay and other factors will not be refunded of any fees. For details, please refer to the changes, cancellation and refund policy.

5. If an order is accidentally duplicated, what do I do ?
If we have not personally process a ticket or confirmation, we will help you clear the duplicated order. If our staff found that there may be a repeated booking, we will take the initiative to contact you to confirm your order is correct before continuing.
6. If the order page is down for maintenance, how do I book my reservation ?
In such circumstances, because the system is uploading data, we recommend that you try again later. The page will be restored in 24 hours. You can always call our telephone for booking.
7. How much in advance should I book for holiday reservations ?
USA and Canada generally recommended about 60 days in advance of your travel dated for booking. A customer who already has a United States or Canada visa can book 30 days in advance. We earnestly recommend that you make reservations as soon as possible as to not delay your trip.
8. Why is the final offer more expensive than the offering price ?
The offering price is just for three or four people with only one two-bed standard room. The final price is according to your reservation date, number, number of rooms, and hotel prices.
9. How will orders be invoiced ?
AA PLUS WORLDWIDE INC. under WWW.AAPLUSVACATION.COM is a formal company registered in the U.S. We can invoice your issued orders, but an order can only be issued with an invoice.
10. Where will the tour guide be waiting after the aircraft has landed ? What happens if my flight is delayed ?
For U.S. domestic flights, upon arrival guests should wait at the luggage area; for international flights, please wait at the exit. If the flight is delayed, changed, or cancelled notify the company and tour group as soon as possible in order to make appropriate arrangements. In addition, any loss as a result of the above reasons is responsible for by the airlines and not by the group companies.
11. Does the tour fare include meals ?
Unless the trip has special indication that the package includes meals, essentially all of the trips do not include meals.
12. Are attraction tickets included in the tour fare ?
The tour itinerary specifies package tickets, attraction tickets are not included before payment, please clearly read through the itinerary.
13. How much is the standard tip ?
Pick up is $ 3 per person; a 1-3 day trip is $6 per day per person; a tour of more than three days is $6-7 per person per day.
14. Is smoking allowed in the hotel rooms ?
Hotel rooms are non-smoking rooms. Smoking in the rooms is subject to heavy penalties. If you want to replace the non-smoking room, please contact the hotel receptionist.
15. How many beds are in the hotel rooms ?
Hotel rooms include two beds. If three or four people are in a room and you need extra beds, the hotel will charge extra for additional beds. Extra bed costs should be covered by the tourists themselves.