• China Visa

Chinese tourist visa for 10 years, staying for 60 days; 5 Business Day to receive it! ONLY $170! We can take 6 passport pictures for $8.

Chinese Visa The seat of the Dynasty Tourism - The Consulate of Houston only handles Chinese visas for residents of the following jurisdictions (a copy of the driver's license is required)Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia , Florida, and Puerto Rico.

  1. Applicants need to bring the required information below, and the All America Travel & Tours staff will personally go to the Chinese Consulate General in Houston to apply for your visa. After the visa is completed, the applicant will receive the visa from All America Travel & Tours.

    Company Address: 6918 Corporate Dr, Houston, TX 77036
    Company Tel: 713-981-8868

  2. Documents required for Chinese visa: (All copies must be single-sided , blank on the back)

     Basic required documents:

    • Original passport (valid for more than 12 months, at least one blank visa page)
    • A copy of the passport (personal information page)
    • Visa Application Form: Submit a copy of the latest version of the “People's Republic of China Visa Application Form”. Applicants are required to complete one copy. All application materials must be printed on one side.
    • 2” X 2” one white background photo (size required for Chinese visa)
    • If you have a Chinese visa, one copy of the old Chinese visa
    • Please complete this Job description Form This form is not required for high school students, homemakers,retired, unemployed persons and children.

    Born in China, and first time applying for a visa
    • Original Chinese passport and copy of the passport
    • If you change your name, you need to provide proof of renaming

    Born in Hong Kong or Taiwan, and first time applying for a visa
    • A copy of the Taiwan Passport/Hong Kong Passport/Taiwan Certificate held by the applicant
    • If you change your name, you need to provide proof of renaming

    Chinese children under the age of 18, born in the United States, and the first time applying for visa
    (At least one parent should have a green card before the child is born, Otherwise the child cannot apply for a Chinese visa and can only apply for a travel permit)
    • Copy of birth certificate
    • Copy of parent's passport and US legal residency certificate

    If you do not hold a US passport (third country passport)
    • Original and photocopy of the green card (or original and photocopy of valid US visa)

    +  Other required documents:
    Tourist visa (L) multiple entry trips in a decade, 60 days in a single entry.
    • Ticket confirmation form (All America Travel &Tours can be prepared for you).
    • Hotel confirmation form (All America Travel &Tours can be prepared for you).
    Family visa (Q2) for multiple entry trips in a decade, 120 days in a single stay.
    • Chinese relatives' invitation letter ( All America Travel &Tours can be prepared for you)
    • ront and back copies of relatives’ Chinese ID cards (All America Travel &Tours can be prepared for you)
    Business visa (M)
    • Company invitation letter
    • Ticket confirmation form
  3.  Payment :

    Cash or check or Money order, please write: ALL AMERICA TRAVEL TOURS. The total cost is based on the following charges.

    1. Visa - Houston Consulate Fee: $140/person (same price)
      • 4-6 business days, starting the day your application is taken to the consulate
      • In order to avoid other problems when applying for a visa, please apply for a visa 2-3 months in advance.
      • The Chinese Consulate in Houston does not provide (24 or 48 hours) expedited service (unless the family member passed away, a hospital certificate is required)
    2. All America Travel & Tours service fee: Tourist Visa $30/person (adult); China Family Reunion Visa $40/person; (under 18 years old) please call for more information.
    3. Shipping fee: $25/package (by USPS)
      ***Bring your own prepaid return envelope (no shipping fee required)

Important Reminder: Mail or returned envelopes, please prepare an envelope that can be traced!

If you need to apply for other types of visas, please call or WeChat for consultation, the fee is definitely low!

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