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  1. Hokkaido丨Sapporo + Noboribetsu + Onuma + Hakodate + Touyako + Otaru 7 Days 5 Nights Tour
    (Tour code:CTSCTS7)

  2. Hokkaido丨Sapporo + Noboribetsu + Onuma + Hakodate + Touyako + Otaru + Biei 8 Days 6 Nights Tour
    (Tour code:CTSCTS8)

  3. Japan | Tokyo + Fuji + Kyoto + Nara + Osaka + Honshu 7 Days 5 Nights Tour
    (Tour code:NRTKIX7)

  4. Japan Honshu Island丨Tokyo + Kamakura + Mount Fuji + Kyoto + Nara + Osaka 8 Days 6 Nights Tour
    (Tour cod:NRTKIX8)

  5. Japan Honshu Island丨Tokyo Free Day + Kamakura + Mount Fuji + Kyoto + Nara + Osaka 9 Days 7 Nights Tour
    (Tour code:NRTKIX9)

  6. Japan Honsh丨Tokyo + Mount Fuji + Kyoto + Nara + Kobe + Osaka Island 8 Days 6 Nights Tour
    (Tour code:NRTKIX8-B)

  7. Japan Honshu Island丨Tokyo Free Day + Kamakura + Mount Fuji + Kyoto + Nara + Osaka 9 Days 7 Nights Tour
    (Tour code:NRTKIX9-B)

  8. Japan Honshu Island丨Tokyo Free Day + Kamakura + Mount Fuji + Kyoto + Nara + Kobe + Osaka 10 Days 8 Nights Tour
    (Tour code:NRTKIX10-B)

  9. Thailand | Bangkok + Pattaya + Shamei Island 8-Day 6-Night Tour
    (Tour code:BKKBKK8)

  10. Singapore + Malaysia + Thailand | Singapore + Malacca + Kuala Lumpur + Bangkok + Pattaya + Shamei Island 11-day 9-night Tour
    (Tour code:SINBKK11)

  11. Korea Seoul 6-day 4-night Tour
    (Tour code:ICNICN6)


Yellow Stone

SaltLake Departure

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Departure date:05/27 Saturday

Features of the itinerary:

Depth, leisure, high-end, niche! Resources are extremely scarce, and the market is unique!

An in-depth experience resort hotel, an excellent check-in choice!

All National Parks & Outdoor Activities Tickets Included!

Select the best tour guides, exclusive VIP service!

Luxury buses and the most experienced drivers will escort you!

Guaranteed to visit all the famous attractions in Huangshi in an all-round way, and the most in-depth Huangshi itinerary in the whole network-no one!

Suitable for the crowd:

If you want to experience the gameplay of a real tourist expert, you can see the whole Yellowstone ecosystem at once without leaving any regrets!

Customers who pursue in-depth quality and unique experience!

International students, honeymoon lovers, parents and children, high-end customers!

Las Vegas / Los Angles Departure

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Departure date:05/22 Monday

Departure City:Los Angles Las Vegas


Professional bilingual tour guide, Ground Transportation

4 Night Hotel (Standard Room), Bilingual tour guide service, Ground Transportation

SLC Airport Drop off Service


Airfare, Meals, Personal expenses and so on.

Optional Tour Items

Mandatory Fee

Tips (recommended tour guide tip: $12 per person per day; Airport pickup tip: $12 per person)

San Francisco Departure

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Departure date:06/09 Friday

Features of the itinerary:

Let’s explore the natural beauty of two national parks: Yellowstone and the Grand Teton!

Travel over to the magnificent Old Faithful Geyser and Artist Point!

Discover all the highlights of Yellowstone for an unforgettable tour.

Visit two of the best photographic places at Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe bend.

Take a look at The powerful and amazing Grand Prismatic Hot Spring.



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Departure date:05/12 Friday

Features of the itinerary:

Take an amazing drive with us from Vancouver to Seattle.

Visit the state of Washington and experience an unforgettable day!

Explore the Space Needle and Pike Place Market.

Take a look and unveil the secret stories at the Chihuly Garden and Glass.

Amtrak Coast Starlight is the most spectacular train route! Enjoy an unforgettable Coast Starlight Ride by Amtrak!


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Departure date:05/12 Friday

Features of the itinerary:

Travel with us on a delightful eight-day tour with our Chinese speaking tour guides! Attraction tickets and tips are all included in the price.

Stay in a four-star or five-star hotel throughout the entire journey! Two nights in Hakodate-Onuma Prince Hotel, one night in Touyako Hot Spring Hotel, three nights in Sapporo.

Enjoy delicious Japanese food: Hot Spring Cuisine, Hakodate Seafood Covered Rice, Shishou Pot Cuisine, Otaru Sushi Set Food, and Farewell Dinner: try the three crab (king crab, pine leaf crab, hairy crab) buffet set meal and various delicacies made with seasonal materials.

Look at Penguin Swift in Asahiyama Zoo, the "Shirogane Blue Pond", one of the default desktops of the MAC operating system, the "Patchwork Road", a colorful puzzle in the farmland, and the palette in the artist's hands, the "Shikisai no Oka in the Four Seasons".

The highlight of visiting Hokkaido: experience the characteristics of sulfur hot springs in the smoke of the crater ruins " Noboribetsu Jigokudani", the first star fortress city in Japan "Goryokaku Park", the "Hakodate Mountain Night View", one of the three night views in the world, and the "Showa Shinzan Bear Ranch" close contact with 160 pure Hokkaido brown bears, the "Otaru", the most beautiful city in Japan, The Shiroi Koibito Park, the production and exhibition place of the White Lover, and the Sapporo Clock Tower.

The cultural heritage of Hokkaido, the Sapporo Beer Garden, is located at the end of the "Internet Red Bafanzaka" road. The "Hachiman-zaka Slope" is a large seafood market with local characteristics. The " Hakodate Morning Market" guards Hokkaido as the god of Hokkaido development and the kingdom in the fairy tale world of the "Forest Elf Balcony".

The unique "soft soup" of Touyako Hot Spring, a village of 100 selected hot springs, is a spring with pure and broken sources, which will surely make you relax and relax, wear Japanese style bathrobes, and enjoy the feeling of harmony with the wind.



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Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, The Czech Republic, Germany

Departure date:6/21 Wednesday

Features of the itinerary:

Indulge in the exceptional romance of several famous ancient cities in Eastern Europe.

Visit the neo-Gothic style Fisherman’s Bastion where the breathtaking scenery of the whole picturesque city of Budapest and Danube River is just in front of you!

Explore several UNESCO sites: Cesky Krumlov Old Town in The Czech Republic, Plitvice Lake National Park in Croatia, Ljubljana the most beautiful capital city in Europe as recognized by the Times Magazine, etc.

Admire the stunning views of Danube River on an atmospheric cruise.

Experience a one-of-a-kind train adventure in Postojna Cave and feel the magic of the underground world.

Visit the last battlefield in Europe during the Second World War—Berlin, Germany and the historical site of the Berlin Wall.

Accommodate at convenient 4-star upscale hotels and same hotels for 2 nights in Budapest and Berlin.

Enjoy traditional Hungarian cuisine, dinner at Austrian beer house, authentic German pork knuckles with local beer, etc.

Professional and experienced Chinese/English speaking guide providing attentive and inviting services.

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Departure date:07/15 Saturday

Features of the itinerary:

Welcome to Mykonos and the beautiful dream city of Santorini! Explore the legendary lost continent of Atlantis or catch a fresh sea breeze on the coastline of the blue and white island.

Experience Athens known as the city of the gods to discover Western civilization, and capture the traditional ethnic customs.

Ride on comfortable airline seats on the cruise from Athens to Mishima, upgraded business class seats on the cruise from Mishima to Santorini, and enjoy the infinite scenery of the Aegean Sea on board.

You even have the opportunity to upgrade to the Santorini Cliff Hotel at your own expense to satisfy all your dream views of mountains, seas, and sunsets.

Central & South America

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Departure date: 06/16 Friday

Features of the itinerary:

Discover the cultural delights of this mysterious Caribbean island nation. Discover this melting pot of culture, musical influences, art, architecture and more as you interact directly with the Cuban people to learn more about their passions and way of life.



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Departure date:05/31 Saturday

Features of the itinerary:

A once in a lifetime adventure, ride alongside giraffes, zebras, wildebeests and other wild animals in the Masai Mara grasslands in our modified 4-wheel drives, walking with elephants under the Kilimanjaro Snow Mountain, listen to the melody of hundreds of birds in the morning, enjoying the wonderful Milky Way starry sky at night with the roar of lions, an unparalleled experience, a trip that no one should miss out.

All-inclusive safari tour designed with the comfort of luxury five-star resort.

Professional tour driver that guides you throughout your journey, from start to finish.


The above departure dates are selected dates.
Check the itinerary for more departure dates.